Pay Your GO-PASS Bill

Here is how you can pay your GO-PASS bills either a "Usage Bill"; "Late Bill" or "Past Due Notice":

   1) By using debit or credit card, at www.go-pass.com, please click here.

   2) By mail, please detach the bottom stub portion of your bill and send it along with your check or money order payable to Northwest Parkway to the following address:

         Northwest Parkway LLC
         3701 Northwest Parkway
         Broomfield, CO 80023

If you experience any difficulty making your payment or have any questions about your GO-PASS bill, please contact our customer service at (303) 926-2500, Monday-Friday, 8am - 5pm.


Please Note:  The Northwest Parkway includes tolls WEST of I-25.  If you received a bill from E-470 for travelling EAST of I-25, please call E-470 at (303) 537-3470.

Failure to pay GO-PASS bills on time is subject to additional fees and charges. The applicable fees and charges assessed for late payments may vary from time to time. Please click here for a current schedule of fees and charges.

Accounts that remain unpaid may be referred to a collection agency or referred for Court action. Additional fees and penalties would also then be applied.

Click here to learn more about our Billing process.

Auto-Bill Service

If you are a GO-PASS customer and have not yet signed-up for the Auto-Bill service, you are paying a processing fee per transaction, plus a mail/handling fee per bill. With Auto-Bill you pay no fees.

With Auto-Bill, you just drive the Northwest Parkway and the tolls are charged to your GO-PASS account saving you time and money. Also, if you do not drive the road you won't get charged.

If an "Auto-Bill" account is not in good standing and payments cannot be processed, accounts will automatically revert to non "Auto-Bill"status and are subject to additional fees and charges until the account has been resolved. Please make sure to keep your account information updated.

To sign-up for Auto-Bill, visit our GO-PASS website at www.go-pass.com or call us at 303-926-2500.


The non-stop way to pay tolls on the Northwest Parkway.

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The Basics of GO-PASS

GO-PASS is a fast and simple way to travel the Northwest Parkway.  Just drive through the designated GO-PASS Lanes. A picture of your license plate will be taken and a GO-PASS account will be created.  A bill will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle, per the Department of Motor Vehicles.

GO-PASS is an exclusive service of Northwest Parkway, and is available on our section of the toll road only.  The Northwest Parkway connects with the E-470 toll road at I-25 just north of 144th Avenue, and extends west to Highway 36 (the Boulder Turnpike) and State Highway 128, in Broomfield, Colorado.  If your travels take you east of I-25, you will receive a separate bill for transactions occurring on E-470.
No.  As of January 1, 2010 we no longer accept cash at any of the Northwest Parkway toll lanes.   In order to make your toll payments, you will receive a GO-PASS bill within approximately 30 days of when you travel.  We encourage you to sign-up for our GO-PASS Auto-Bill service to save both time and money.  Learn more about Auto-Bill below.

On Northwest Parkway, you choose how you wish to pay for the tolls. See your payment options below:

  • GO-PASS Auto-Bill - Choose our GO-PASS Auto-Bill service so when you use the Northwest Parkway, the tolls (without added fees) will be automatically charged to the credit card that you maintain securely on file with Northwest Parkway, and a detailed receipt will be emailed to you. This option may be the best one for you!
  • ExpressToll- Open a pre-paid ExpressToll account, receive a tag to install in your vehicle(s), travel the designated ExpressToll Lanes, and the toll amount only (no added fees) will be automatically deducted from your pre-paid account.
  • All Vehicles - If you have not signed up for an ExpressToll or GO-PASS Auto-Bill account, you can still drive the Northwest Parkway non-stop. You will receive a bill in the mail or via e-mail (if you choose to sign for GO-PASS email bills). To save the cost of postage, you may conveniently pay your bill online at www.go-pass.com. No need to log in, just use our Quick-Pay box, enter the account and bill number on your invoice, and follow the online payment instructions.
You can sign up for the GO-PASS Auto-Bill service at www.go-pass.com. If you haven’t yet established yourself with a User Name and Password for online access to your account, click on the "Create website login to manage your account online" button and follow the instructions for Auto-Bill. If you have previously setup a GO-PASS, just login using the e-mail and password and then follow the instructions for Auto-Bill. It is easy, still if you have a problem just call GO-PASS Customer Service at (303) 926-2500, Monday - Friday, from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.
When you sign up for the GO-PASS Auto-Bill service your credit/debit card number will be securely maintained in our records, and your account will be charged for the dollar amount of the Northwest Parkway tolls you have accrued at the time your bill is generated. You may elect to have a detailed receipt emailed to you, and you can access online the history of your transactions and payments in a secure and convenient way.
GO-PASS allows you to combine multiple vehicles into a single account.  This way you can enjoy the convenience of a consolidated bill that separately itemizes the transaction details for each of your registered vehicles.  By registering the vehicles in your GO-PASS account, you take responsibility for payment of the tolls on the Northwest Parkway for those vehicles.
With ExpressToll, you establish an account with a pre-paid balance and receive a tag for each vehicle on your account.  Your tolls are deducted from your account balance when you drive the road.  With GO-PASS, you don’t need to pre-pay for any tolls.  You can choose to have the payment for your bill automatically charged to your credit/debit card.  You can choose to wait for your bill to be sent to you and then make your payment online or mail us a check (follow instructions on the bill).  That’s the key – you choose! 
A current GO-PASS Schedule of Fees and Charges is included for your reference below. Please note that the Schedule of Fees and Charges is subject to changes at any time.  The current schedule will be posted on this web site.
Just drive on Northwest Parkway and your account will be automatically established, using the name and address of the vehicle's registered owner. Or, you may establish your account ahead of traveling the Northwest Parkway by calling us at (303) 926-2500, Monday - Friday, from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm. We encourage you to sign-up for our GO-PASS Auto-Bill payment option to save you time and money. Learn more about Auto-Bill above.
No. Northwest Parkway continues to accept your ExpressToll pass. As before, just drive through the ExpressToll Lanes and the toll amount will be deducted from your ExpressToll account. However, your ExpressToll account must be in good standing for it to work on the Northwest Parkway.


What is the typical billing process like?

Month 1: GO-PASS "Usage Bill" is mailed. (Includes all unpaid toll-transactions processed and posted to your GO-PASS account)

Month 2: GO-PASS "Late Bill" is mailed. (Includes all unpaid toll-transactions processed and posted to your GO-PASS account, plus a $2.50 "late fee" per toll-transaction previously billed)

Month 3: GO-PASS "Past Due Notice" is mailed. (Includes all unpaid toll-transactions processed and posted to your GO-PASS account, plus a $2.50 "late fee" per toll-transaction previously billed once or a $25.00 "past-due fee" per toll-transaction billed twice)

Month 4: Account is referred to a collections law firm. (One-time $20 collection fee added)

Months 5 - 7: Account in collections. (Additional fees may apply)

Month 8 on: Final Notice mailed before account is filed for legal action. (Additional fees will apply)

For each mailed statement a $0.75 "mail fee" is assessed.



What does a GO-PASS bill look like?

GO-PASS bills are simple to comprehend while being cost effective. Statements include details of all toll transaction charges for each vehicle associated to the account (including date of travel, toll plaza location, applicable toll rate and fees, etc.). The bill also includes a message/alerts box with tips and information about our services. The due-date, amount-due, account and bill number are highlighted for easy on-line payment. Click HERE to see a template of our GO-PASS bills.

Privacy Policy

The Northwest Parkway LLC (NWP) respects the privacy of its patrons. Customer information is limited to parties who require access in order to perform GO-PASS toll processing functions. In some instances information may be used for the following purposes:

  • With law enforcement agencies conducting criminal investigations as required by law.
  • In accordance with subpoenas or court orders.
  • In connection to the toll collection and enforcement process.
  • In summary form (i.e. not specific to any individual customer) for individuals or organizations.

NWP DOES NOT sell or share our GO-PASS customer data with outside marketers. NWP DOES NOT provide specific customer account or activity data to other organizations except as required by law and for toll collection and violation enforcement processing.

Please refer to ExpressToll website at: www.expresstoll.com for the privacy policy as it relates to ExpressToll accounts.

How Do We Use Your Information?
NWP treats all submitted information confidentially. Customer information is accessed only when required for GO-PASS toll processing business purposes. Data obtained from you will be routinely used for the following purposes:

  • Establish and maintain your GO-PASS account information.
  • Maintain your account balance.
  • Process toll payments and any administrative fees electronically.
  • Notify you of changes in your account status.
  • Provide you with periodic statements about activity in your account.
  • Collect and enforce toll payments.

Your Consent:
By using the Parkway, the GO-PASS website, processes and payment service, you consent to the collection and use of all submitted information by Northwest Parkway LLC. If changes are made to this privacy policy NWP will post such changes or a revised privacy policy on this page.

Contact Us:
If you have any questions or comments about this privacy policy please feel free to contact us by e-mailing us at: support@go-pass.com